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Tanker truckWe value all of our propane customers, weather you are a residential, agricultural, industrial or commercial account.

At DT Petroleum Inc., we supply the tank, regulators and blocks with no annual lease fee. This would be based on 1 1/2 tanks of propane per year.

Residential customers are able to take advantage of pre pay pricing, regular rating as well as budget plans. Commercial and industrial accounts can benefit from temporary tanks needed for a limited time or full time, requirements for production and operations needed.

Agricultural customers are highly valued at DT Petroleum Service. Due to the seasonal demands you have, we are able to furnish you with 24 hour service and pre pay pricing for your grain operations as well as live stock needs

We are also able to fill on site at our location at 1105 W. Mansfield St 20lbs, 30, 40, or 100lbs bottles as well as tow motor bottles.

We do off budget plans based on a monthly payment budgets begin June 1st and ends May 31st. Your budget payment istanker based on your annual usage and current pricing

Pre pay programs are offered in the summer. This is an excellent way to protect yourself from rising costs that can occur during the winter season.

Please know that someone is always available to talk with you personally about any of the programs offered at DT Petroleum Service. Being locally owned and operated provides us with the flexibility to service all of your customers with the up most service, professionalism and respect that you deserve.


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